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What is GameCloud?



GameCloud is a cloud mobile entertainment platform. With smartphones getting more powerful
with each new iteration, the prospect of playing intense games are no longer confined to your PC
nor the console. GameCloud grants that power and more into your palms.


Play Games on the go

Every game can be easily accessed through the cloud. With GameCloud you can enjoy high quality games at any moment, without the need for a high-end gadget.




High Performance

Play high quality AAA graphics games anywhere, anytime

No download needed

Choose desired game and play immediately

Work on any devices

No need for high end expensive phones


Social Network with fellow gamers


Connecting with Gamers to Content Partners

GameCloud allows access to Gaming news and latest user generated contents from gaming fans and youtubers.

Be your own star

Live streaming.

Want to showcase your skills or the desire to be a star? GameCloud allows you to flawlessly stream both your gameplay and face-cam to interact with your audiences.


Game Developers


Game engines

Develop in your favorite game engines

Cloud platform

Content delivery to phones, PC, TV without hardware limitations


One stop solution for billing, monetization, analytics

No Piracy

Your games are protected

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We want to work with you. Contact us now, to find out more about GameCloud Platform.

GameCloud has demonstrated that their platform can bring a revolution to the gaming scene. It is very comforting to know that we can focus more on creating quality games, while GameCloud opens PC gaming to more players, both veterans and new players alike


I think streaming will be the next big thing. Streaming will totally change the way we create and play games, and will again positively disrupt how we think about gaming


Mobile is huge in China, and that’s also where we see a huge flux of games for it. Bringing PC games to such a huge community is nothing short of amazing for the developers and players

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Questions & Answers

What kind of games does GameCloud accept?

GameCloud currently supports PC games, though we are currently exploring the possibility of including mobile games to our list as well. If you happen to have Console games, we also accept ports too.

What other benefits can developers expect when their game(s) are accepted into GameCloud?

Besides an attractive revenue-sharing model, GameCloud also provide complementary marketing support for new games for a specific amount of time, based on the agreement between CloudZen and developer. We also have tools to help developers further monetize their games and enrich the experience.

That sounds great! What are those tools you just mentioned?

The GameCloud SDK to ease the transition onto the GameCloud platform, a back-end statistical Dashboard to provide all the necessary information to monitor and improve your games, direct interaction with streamers and gamers alike providing valuable insight in trends and approach, among other things. CloudZen is constantly on the move to improve GameCloud and its varying services.

Are there any technical specifications we should consider before submitting our games to GameCloud?

Absolutely. We aren’t here to sugar-coat things; GameCloud believes in providing quality games to its players and are committed to helping you reach that goal. Developers should consider the possibility on how to translate keyboard and mouse controls to the bare-essential on-screen controls. Naturally, GameCloud supports most game controllers, keyboards, and mouse, but one should still consider that need for an overlay control should the need arise. Do contact us at and let us work together with you on any questions you may have.

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